Our Liqueurs

Chocolate Hazelnut Liqueur

Exquisite roasted hazelnuts paired with creamy rich chocolate in a robust and smooth flavor with a lingering nutty finish.

Cherry Chocolate Liqueur

We’ve bottled the romance of chocolate-covered cherries with our Chocolate Cherry Liqueur. Each sip is a confectionary delight of sweet cherries coupled with our velvety chocolate.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Liqueur

Indulge in this sophisticated twist on a beloved flavor combination. We have brought silky smooth peanut butter and rich chocolate to a new level that is densely mellow, creamy, and delightfully satisfying.


Peppermint Chocolate Liqueur

Feel the rush of a refreshing blast of peppermint enrobed in deep satiny chocolate. Crisp and cooling, it’s an eye-opening flavor that will leave you saying “Ahhhh….”


Cinnamon Chocolate Liqueur

Warm up with our rich and fragrant cinnamon blend, a sophisticated flavor combination with a subtle warmth that has been pleasing the palates of chocolate lovers throughout history.


Chile Pepper Chocolate Liqueur

Take your taste buds on an exotic adventure with this spicy confection. Velvety smooth chocolate is finished with a fiery glow that will excite your senses.


Intense Chocolate Liqueur

For the purist, this one is all about the chocolate. Lush and intense in flavor, rich and complex, this liqueur will satisfy even the most discriminating chocolate lover’s craving.


Espresso Chocolate Liqueur

Imagine fine chocolate blended with dark roasted premium Brazilian coffee and you have our Espresso Chocolate Liqueur. Its a marriage of two complex flavors balanced  in perfect harmony.


Coconut Chocolate  Liqueur

One sip of our Coconut Chocolate Liqueur and you can almost hear the melody of  the soothing steel drums floating on a warm Caribbean breeze. It’s an exotic delight!